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» Presentations: "Restoring the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary" June 2016 conference | Click Here

Restoring the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary Conference - June 2016

The NY-NJ Harbor Estuary is home to a wide variety of habitat types, ranging from coastal wetlands and eelgrass to the forests lining our riverbanks.  To find out more about these habitats, click on the icons below:

Wetlands      Wetlands Eelgrass Beds      Eelgrass Beds
Waterbird Islands      Waterbird Islands Shorelines and Shallows      Shorelines and Shallows
Coastal and Maritime Forests      Coastal and Maritime Forests Habitat for Fish, Crabs, and Lobsters      Habitat for Fish, Crabs, and Lobsters
Oyster Reefs      Oyster Reefs Tributaries      Tributaries

The Waters we Share effort, steered by the Harbor & Estuary Program’s Restoration Work Group, focuses on these important habitats, using the Hudson-Raritan Estuary Comprehensive Restoration Plan as a vision for the future of the estuary. Supporting this effort, the Program works with the City University of New York’s Center for Urban Research to provide information about priority habitat acquisition and restoration sites and projects via an interactive map. These sites and projects were nominated by stakeholders and approved by the Restoration Work Group. Through the hard work of many HEP stakeholders, over $30,000,000 has been focused on acquisition of 1,700 acres and $64,000,000 on restoration of 650 acres. As many of these sites continue to be threatened by pollution and development, stakeholders are working to further protect and restore the remaining areas.

» See the Interactive Habitat Site Map

Interactive Habitat Site Map View Interactive Habitat Site Map





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